At the Edmonton Expo!

The CLLDF is not just here to fight censorship but also to bring you fantastic art and amazing guests!
Joining us at our booth in Edmonton this year will be the super talented STEVE SANDERSON, one of the brilliant animators working on Marvel’s Avengers Assembled cartoon! Steve will be with us all 3 days drawing one-of-a-kind works of art for you, with a minimum $20 donation to the CLLDF (some conditions apply).
To learn more about Steve, check out this profile on CBC ( and over on the Cultural Survival website.

We’ll also be debuting the first in a series of limited CLLDF art prints by some of the best talent from across Canada!

Our first print comes from the great JOHN GALLAGHER, designer and animator extraordinaire, currently working on FLASH and dozens more nerd shows.

The print will be for sale for $20 with proceeds going to the CLLDF!
Check out his profile and visit his website for more information!

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